About Centaur

Centaur Consulting takes a unique approach to customized professional services for a range of clients. Initially founded in 2010 by Major L. Stephens to facilitate US-Africa economic trade relations and business development, the company has since expanded its services to include:

Headquartered in Washington, D.C. with a regional presence in New York and Johannesburg, Centaur Consulting is well-positioned to act as a strategic broker between forward-thinking companies in the United States and fast-growing economies across the African continent to create, develop and pursue profitable business opportunities that might otherwise go unrealized.

Since its establishment, Centaur Consulting has developed strategic partnerships to provide our clients with unprecedented access to key decision makers in government and the private sector.

With expertise harnessed over the years, Centaur boasts of an integrated capability to help an organisation establish specific strategies and governance, establish relevant and specialized capabilities and realize appropriate technology enablement that is a perfect fit for the unique profile of each client. This is complemented by our carefully selected suite of consulting and training programmes that enable organisations to develop skilled human capital across these capabilities through Training and Change Management.

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